Frequently Asked Questions

Which mobile operating systems (OS) are compatible with MobilePhire?

Our platform is OS agnostic: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry are all compatible.

What device types are compatible with MobilePhire?

Our platform is device agnostic — any device on a cellular data plan is compatible. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile hotspots, USB broadband modems, cellular routers, etc.

Are there any additional hardware requirements?

There are no additional hardware requirements.

Do I have to download an app for this to work?

No mobile app or software of any kind needs to be installed on your devices. MobilePhire is a transparent solution that operates at the network level.

Does MobilePhire work with an existing MDM solution?

MobilePhire complements existing MDM solutions. Our platform specifically addresses data plan management, such as usage customization and billing optimization. MDM solutions focus on device security/management

How do I deploy MobilePhire to my devices?

If you already have an MDM solution, you can push the MobilePhire profile to all of your devices over the air. If you do not have an MDM solution:
iOS: we email a customized link to your iOS device. When opened, the device is automatically configured to work on our platform.

Other Devices: a one-time settings change is made on the device. This allows the device to work on our platform.

What customer support does MobilePhire provide?

Onboarding, training, and ongoing technical support is provided for all customers at no additional cost.

Does MobilePhire work with both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices?

Currently, our platform is only compatible with corporate-owned devices. Support for employee-owned devices (BYOD) is on the product roadmap.