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Mobile Data Usage
Analytics and Controls for

Make Your Data Plan Smarter


Offload non-work related
usage from the corporate
data plan. Create and enforce
custom usage policies and
reduce your wireless spend.

Mobile Intelligence

Capture meaningful usage analytics
and gain deep insight into your
company’s data usage. Identify
and understand employee usage
behavior in real-time.


Easily manage your company’s
wireless devices. MobilePhire
integrates directly at the cellular
network level, eliminating the
need for a mobile app.

Save Time

No more hassles! Stop chasing after employees
and manage your cellular data usage in real-time
from a single admin control.

Save Money

 Eliminate overages and stop paying for your
employees personal entertainment.
Automatically offload non-work
related usage to Wi-Fi and reduce your
company’s cellular data consumption.

Gain Insight

No more confusion about your company’s data
usage. The MobilePhire Intelligence Platform
provides robust analytics and breakdowns
by content, category, time and more.
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